Yesterday I decide to look for an info about my new school..
And guess what? I founded my new school blog !
Here's the link :
And yah, one of the posts is about a competition to design the cutest blog !
I'm really really interested in taking part in this competition !
I think I can take part in the 3rd competition too..
making Windows Media Video (WMV) about the school..
But yah, I'm new.. Still a noobie at that school .
I'm not even sure where is the toilet =.=" (parah nie..)
So takleh lah nk join..
'cause I got no picture of information about that school of whatsoever..
I know I can make a great video since I've been studied how to use Sony Vegas 9 for almost a month now (atau lebih er?..)
Tak kisah lah..but since I got no picture of any activities at that school, so takleh lah nk join..
I hope next year ada lagi..nk gak join..
But yah..right now I've been looking for an idea on how to design my blog to make it look more cool and cute !
But yah -.-" no idea lorh..
If anyone here or anyone who ever read my blog bagi bagi lah idea, I'll try to use your ideas for good.
And try to take over the prize for the cutest blog as a newbie ! (ceh ceh ceh !...)